About us

“Every website needs traffic. Each publisher and advertiser looking for a good partner, and PINK POLAND network agency provide 100% support and clear rules.”

Sylwester Kubiak

Executive Director


PINK POLAND created in 2009 as part by Polska Kompania Reklamowa. It is the only one in Central – Eastern Europe advertising network agency, providing services on the sector planning and buying campaigns on erotic websites.


Pink Poland has online marketing professionals who today bring their seasoned multidisciplinary approach to bear on projects large and small.

– We cooperation with more than 650 Publishers the category: erotica,

– We have a database of more than 6 million email accounts.


More than 32% of Polish Internet users, using websites the category: erotic. PINK POLAND network agency helps Advertisers and Publishers to find this part users.

Your way to successful business starts here.

Check Pink Poland:

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